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Elevate Your Real Estate

At Premiere Home Staging, we are experts in staging vacant homes, utilizing our extensive inventory of furniture and accessories to create captivating spaces that leave a lasting impression. 

With a keen eye for design and an understanding of buyer psychology, we transform empty properties into inviting, spaces that charm your prospects and win the sale faster than non-staged homes.

A first impression that lasts

Whether it's a luxury waterfront property or a charming East Side residence, our staging services bring out the best in every home.

Our stages are each uniquely tailored to highlight your homes’ best features and it's architectural style as well to appeal to the demographics of your potential buyers. From downtown lofts and coastal modern to traditional New England colonials, no cookie cutter staging here!

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vacant home staging

From Empty to Irresistible

Transforming vacant homes from uninviting spaces into irresistible, must-have properties—that's our specialty. 

Vacant homes often give off a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere, leaving potential buyers with a sense of smaller spaces and confusion in open areas. That's where our expert staging comes in. We transform your property, allowing buyers to truly connect with it.  That is how you achieve a top dollar sale!

We keep our process very simple! Your investment for staging is one flat fee that covers all the staging & design, the de-staging, plus up to three months of rental.  

Pricing varies based on list price of home, number of rooms to be staged, and square footage.

Occupied “Hands-on Staging”

Your Home - Reimagined

Turning lackluster spaces into captivating showcases that help you close the sale on your property.

Is your currently-occupied or partially-furnished property falling short of its true potential? Do you have empty rooms that need attention? Look no further – we're here to help!

With the help of our professional movers and designers, we'll bring in furniture and accessories as needed, transforming your ordinary, everyday home into an extraordinary showpiece. Your investment is a single flat fee that will cover all the staging & design, the de-staging and up to three months of rental. 

Pricing varies depending on scope of work. We will be happy to provide a free estimate upon viewing the home.

Luxury home Staging

Not One Size Fits All

A high-end property calls for a refined touch to ensure your luxury listing shines with sophistication.

It is oh-so important to understand that not all staging is created equal. Luxury listings are not for beginners.

At Premiere Home Staging we specialize in luxury home staging. We have the experience, expertise and inventory that is necessary to make your luxury listing shine the way it deserves. Higher end listings require higher end inventory of the correct size, scale and shape with a design that is perfectly curated.

With over 12 years of experience we are your local home staging experts and premier luxury partner! Reach out to us today for a custom quote on staging for your luxury home.

frequently asked questions

The home market is so hot right now. Do I really need home staging?

Sure, you can skip staging, if you don’t mind leaving money on the table. We keep detailed statistics on EVERY home we stage, proving time and time again that not only do our staged homes sell faster (saving you plenty of carrying costs) but also for more money on the bottom line. Our clients generally see a ROI of at least 500%.

Can the staging furniture / accessories / art be purchased?

Absolutely! Everything is negotiable. We are happy to provide buyers with a price to purchase our items. It happens often in fact, and we don’t waste any time re-investing (translation: going shopping for new inventory immediately).

Your rental term is 3 months, but we only want the furniture for 2. Can you change the pricing?

We fully anticipate that your property will go under contract within the first week of listing. The staging will then remain in place throughout the inspection and contingency process, only to be removed about a week prior to closing. As a result, our properties are usually staged for anywhere from 45 to 60 days as it is. We actually build in a free third month just in case. If your deal should fall through at the eleventh hour, having the staging still in place is a lifesaver!

Can the cleaner, handyman or plumber come in after staging?

Please, no! We kindly request that everything is done prior to staging. This is to protect both our inventory (yes, we have had workers use our towels to clean up their mess- yuck) and more importantly, to protect your investment (the cleaners will most likely accidentally or purposely move things around). We prefer to be the last people to touch the staging so that it is pristine for photos and showings.  

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Get a quote for vacant home staging by providing basic details. For occupied homes, start with a free estimate.

sign the contract

We will send out the staging contract outlining all of our policies and procedures for you to sign.

schedule your staging

Once we have received the signed contract we can schedule the staging installation.

send payment & share keys

Client arranges for payment and provides us with access to the home (a lockbox is ideal for key sharing.)





Create staging plan

We visit the home to take photos and create your professionally-designed home staging plan.

clean & prep your home

Confirm your home is stage-ready: professionally cleaned, free of tools and debris, with accessible driveway.

staging day!

We transform your home into a marketable product to achieve a top dollar sale as quick as possible!

schedule destaging

Once all contingencies are lifted, we complete the de-staging.  Please provide us with a minimum of 5 business days' notice to complete.





our home staging process

Getting Your Home “Premiere Ready”

Wondering what to expect when staging your home? Discover our simple and straightforward approach to the staging process.

Shannon and Premiere Home Staging transformed our home. Suddenly, our tiny home looked twice as big!

I have to admit that I was skeptical about using a home stager at first. But with so many homes just sitting on the market (something we did not have time for with a baby on the way) we knew we needed some help. Shannon even came by on the day of our open house to place fresh flowers on the table.

We sold our house less than one week after that first open house and I am definitely sold on Premiere Home Staging!

Shaun, Warwick, RI


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