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a note from shannon brito, owner of phs

Every Home Needs Staging

Having purchased my first home while I was still in college, I know the value of a real estate investment. And that is why it pains me to see so many sellers losing out on their hard-earned money.

Every home that is for sale should be professionally staged!

With 12 years of experience in the industry and as a real estate investor myself, I can confidently say, if you aren't staging your home, you are absolutely leaving money on the table.

At Premiere Home Staging, we are accredited staging professionals (ASP) with extensive knowledge of the local real estate market... that means we know exactly what your buyers are looking for and have the success stories and statistics to prove it!


a note from shannon brito, ceo of phs

Why Hire Us as a Home Stager?

Experience matters! When I started Premiere Home Staging, many people in Rhode Island didn’t know what staging was. I have been on the forefront of the home staging industry in RI since 2011. I have learned a lot along the way, which is so beneficial to our clients and partners.

Before establishing Premiere Home Staging in 2011, I honed my skills in the corporate world for seven years, gaining invaluable experience along the way. This background has equipped me with a keen eye for detail, a strategic approach to staging, and a deep understanding of what buyers are looking for in a home.

My goal is to make the home staging process enjoyable, stress-free, and ultimately rewarding for you as a seller. I pride myself on providing a friendly, approachable approach, ensuring that you feel heard and involved every step of the way.


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Your staging is MAGIC!

"We received a full price offer! (After property had been on the market unstaged for months)...

home Flipper, Providence, RI

the proof is in the results

While we can't claim to possess actual magic powers, the undeniable results speak for themselves.

Since 2011, our expert home staging services have consistently transformed stagnant listings into remarkable success stories, helping homeowners and investors like you attract full-price offers (and often times over asking price)!


Unlock the Earning Potential of Your Home

ready to sell?

With Premiere Home Staging, you can trust that your home is in capable hands. Let's work together to unlock the full potential of your home's sale price and make it a standout success in the market.